All Out Of Love is a new musical theatre production featuring the music of Air Supply. The Producers are excited to bring this new musical production to the stage. This musical will be an original story and is not base on the life of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock.

The Story

Jamie Crimson forced to leave his girlfriend Muse by his manager Tommy King because “rock stars don’t have girlfriends”.

Jamie our rock star realises on stage that without love, it is not worth singing the songs they have created together. Music mogul Tommy King with his last dime on the line and his long time adversary circling, needs to force Jamie back on stage and on tour to save his crumbling and once great empire.

Stacey King returning from Hong Kong, is seeking to to reconnect with her father and prove she can take over the family business, urges Jamie to find Muse and beg forgiveness.

With the paparazzi, weird fans and her father’s bodyguards on their tail, Stacey and Jamie race across New York to find Muse before dawn breaks.

Can Jamie and Muse reunite to sing their love song?

Can Stacey make her father realise that a woman can win in the harsh world of the music industry?